Cleaning with laser light.

Laser cleaning is very important for modern high technology. For the removal of contaminations



Mitraco is a specialist in the removal of contaminants (coatings, oxides and polymers) from various materials (steel, aluminium, composites, titanium and copper etc.), and has a 24-hour service guaranteeing a constant high level of quality.

In addition, we offer a wide range of paint stripping methods, such as thermal paint stripping, chemical paint stripping, high-pressure paint stripping and special paint stripping through CO2 blasting, congealment, laser paint stripping, glass bead, plastic, biocarb and biocorn blasting.

Mitraco owes its success to its staff members who work diligently day after day to please its customers. Over the years, we have gained great expertise in providing outstanding service for just about any industry in the Benelux. Tell us about your problem and we will find a suitable solution that strikes a balance between the environment and economically feasible production methods. We aim to be a long-term strategic partner for all your cleaning problems.

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